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  LENOX Promo!
  Alright You LENOX Fans! We've Got LENOX Swag In! Buy $50 of LENOXTools And Get Your Choice Of A LENOX Hat Or T-Shirt! Buy $100 of LENOX Tools And Get A LENOX Hoody! From Drill Bits To Hole-Saws To Saw Blades!  read more

  Winter Updates
  Stay Warm This Winter In Your Home Or Garage With Our Large Selection Of Electric And Hydronic Baseboard Heaters To Cove, In-Wall, And Toe-Kick Heaters! Ice Dams An Issue? We've Got Top Of The Line Raychem WinterGard Heat Tape And Accessories! Check Out The Raychem WinterGard Online Now!  read more

Raychem WinterGard

  New Sylvania LED's
  NEW!! Go Green With Fully Dimmable LED Lamps From Sylvania! New Ultra Design Is The Best On The Market! SAVING ENERGY = SAVING MONEY!! Just In Are The Low Priced LEDA19 10W Replacements For The Incandescent 60W Bulb!  read more

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